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Restoration of 635-765

With the internals of 635 and 765 now well advanced it’s time to start on the outside and mechanicals.

The motors in 635 were last started around 10 years ago, however an inspection of the mechanicals has shown that they are all still appear to be in good working order.

To progress to a fully operational two carriage rail motor, New England Railway is seeking assistance in both cash and kind donations to help us fulfil this goal. The total cost to get to fully operational is $280,000.00 This includes external painting; a full mechanical overhaul including parts; new batteries; full electrical systems check, and repair as required; and the installation of safety equipment such as a trip recorder/speedo, ICE radios, and secondary vigilance system.

Our accreditation towards a full operator is also well underway with our initial plans to run trips to Tamworth, Werris Creek, and Gunnedah whilst we start work on the next set. Of course, longer term we would love to be able to run North of Armidale.

How you can help

Every donation over $2 that you make is tax deductable and every cent helps. We are open to cash donations and sponsorship. We will also continue to apply for grants as they come available.

In kind donations would include:

  • Two Pack Paint

  • Batteries

  • LED front flashers

  • ICE radios

  • Any spare parts for a 620-class rail motor.

Other in-kind assistance would include:

  • Assistance from an experience painter/spray painter

  • Assistance from a diesel mechanic

  • Assistance from an auto electrician

We also appreciate that people would prefer to be paid so we would also be open to negotiating a favorable rate for any of these services.

To donate

Direct deposit:             New England Railway Inc

                                    BSB:                 932000

                                    Account:          100031487




If you donate, keep your receipts as your donations will be able to be used towards future tickets on our tours.


To discuss larger donations or donations in kind please DM us or email

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