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635-765 Rail motor Restoration Project

The 635-765 Rail Motor is being currently restored by its members, However progress is being impeded owing to a number of factors including lack of volunteers, Limited Funds and resources. Once restored to mainline operational standards New England Railway Inc members will be able to provide heritage rail services.  New England Railway Inc accreditation is currently being worked on to achieve this. We are still not allowed to move 635-765 under its own power.  A historical note 765 was originally numbered 705 prior to being involved in a accident. 


Of concern was the condition of the floor which is exposed to the weather in 765 and on inspection half the floor in 765 needs to be replaced owing to water damage. this will be done by a licenced trades person.

Most of the windows in both 635-765 need to be replaced after a single act of vandalism took place in late 2021 which unfortunately has lead the committee having to spend over $4000.00 in security improvements with CCTV camera's, lighting along with fence repair and replacement. The cost of window replacement is in the vicinity of $2000.00

In 2022, a detailed inspection of 635-765 was carried out over several hours and was very extensive and detailed, This inspection was carried out by Lithgow workshops who have completed full restorations of 620/720 sets in the past including the world famous Byron solar train.  After the inspection was concluded we were advised that 635-765 was in better condition than the set restored at Byron Bay being the solar train, The New England Railway Inc Board was very encouraged by this and gave the group a uplift in confidence. 


Although the restoration of 635-765 has been slower than the board and members have liked it has given us time to work on accreditation which without we cannot operate 635-765.  Once we received a final quote from Lithgow Workshops for the full restoration of 635-765 the board applied for a grant totalling in $10,903 being for the floor in 765, all seats repaired, windows replaced and interior painting. To date we have engaged and supported local businesses for the project which the board will continue to do so.   

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