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At the December AGM, the following members were elected to the 2022/23 Board of Management:

President                          Jason Russell

Vice President                  Rob Lenehan

Secretary                          Stephen Joyce

Assistant Secretary          Paul McCann           

Treasurer                          Anna Easterbrook 

Board Member                 Alexie Gilbert

Board Member                 David Patterson

JUNE 2023

We would like to welcome Essential Energy on board as our first sponsor with thanks and thank you to our Secretary Stephen Joyce for putting the application together and submitting it on behalf of New England Railway Inc.

JULY 2023

July has been a big month for New England Railway Inc as we progress further with our security improvements and restoration of 635-765, We have also with thanks to our Assistant Secretary Paul McCann gained sponsorship through Clean Away Armidale with them providing a skip bin for our site so that we can now start to clear rubbish from the depot. We would also like to thank A1 Storage and Ray White Armidale for supporting us by providing a much needed storage space to store items in as well and we say thank you to these local businesses for there support.  

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